RESULTS – Track – Week 7 – 13th Dec 2017

13th December 2016 week 7

Last week

• Three new track records Lilliya, Anya and Richard
• The two point a lap races were amazing
• However Rain put an end to the night

Top scorers for Last week
Edit ,,,,
• Lilliya Tatartarinoff Matt Hingerty Tom Lynch Aaron W and Vaughan Hodgson
11 points

This week

• Round 1 Warm up Scratch – Motor Paced
• Round 2 1 lap – only 1 rider from each colour (A grade 0m B grade 30m C grade 60m D Grade 90m) your team chooses.
• Round 3 Kieirin
• Round 4 Snowball
• Round 5 Team Sprint (Italian)

It’s Teams Night !
• Again in 2017 Riders must sit in coloured groups

Team Night procedure

• There will be four teams
• Red, Black , Blue and White
• Riders will wear a team colour T-shirt.
• As much as possible each team will consist of a relatively equal number of riders from each grade
• Each race will score 5, 3, 2 and 1 point
• The winning team will be the team who wins the team Sprint. The top 2 teams with the most points at the conclusion of round 4 will race off for 1st and 2nd. The remaining teams will race for 3rd and 4th
• Teams will be finalised on Wednesday night by means of a random draw.
• The idea is to encourage riders to watch and cheer on each grade.
• If it is required a team may need to consist of more than two riders in the same grade
• I will try and include late comers in a fair manner …………….but please try and not be late

Team Night and the series Point score

• All participants will be awarded the 5 participation points
• Members of each team will receive bonus points depending on their overall placing
• 1st 10 points
• 2nd 8 points
• 3rd 6points
• 4th 4points

Teams Night is Fun

• Traditionally Teams Night has always been considered one of the best nights on the program.