Our races at held at Matcham Valley Pony Club, Holgate, on Wattle Tree Rd, not far from Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast approximately 60 minutes north of Sydney, and 60 minutes south of Newcastle.

Sponsored by our friends at Six String Brewery, Natomi Coffee , Bikeworx Erina. Lakes Printers,  Keep an eye out in our calendar and on our Facebook page for event details and updates.

We have a fantastic 1.8km off-road course featuring gravel, dirt, sand and woodland riding.

The smaller and safer course for the under 13’s features a small part of the big course and is adapted to cater for the abilities of riders new to the sport. Parents are more than welcome to accompany their child around the course if they want.

We cater for all abilities of rider from newcomers, kids from 3 yrs old, right up to some of the country’s best cyclocross riders. Families are particularly welcome at the club and can expect to enjoy a fun-filled morning with riding for the whole family!

As well as our undercover spectator viewing area, we have safe, secure parking on our course infield, with toilet and shower facilities on site too.

If your bikes get a little dirty, we even provide a bike cleaning area for you with running water and a hose.

Race entry is free for children under 19, who also get a complimentary sausage sizzle after the race when they hand their race numbers back in.

So get your bike, helmet and free trial licence, pin on your number and have a go at a growing sport where it’s all about getting some exercise and having fun. See you there!!

What is Cyclocross?

Many people regard cyclocross (or ‘cross, cyclo-x and CX ) as one of the most welcoming and fun disciplines of cycling. Some would say it’s a cross between road criterium racing and mountain biking, off-road fun for the whole family!!

It’s a sport run over the winter months in all weather conditions between May and September here in Australia and between September and February in the northern hemisphere where the sport is very popular and races can attract tens of thousands of spectators per event.

Races are held on safe, car-free off-road multi-lap races of between 1km to 3 km, mixing tarmac, sand, dirt, mud, run-ups, small man-made hurdles and sometimes steps and typically last a set time span, between 15 minutes and an hour. This equates to some fast and furious spectator-friendly racing.

Like triathlon, cyclocross mixes multiple athletic endeavours, namely riding and a little running, with a strong emphasis on skilful bike handling with more riding than running.

Cyclocross is extremely accessible to everyone. There are categories for all levels of ability and ages of rider. There are races for younger riders on a smaller modified course and separate categories for juniors, women, masters and seniors so everyone gets to race against similarly placed riders.

It can be an intense whole body workout, or you might just want to ride around at your own leisurely pace, riding like being a kid again!! The racing is always good-natured, with most people not taking it too seriously, they’re just there to have a good time.

There is a certain camaraderie attached to cyclocross events that you don’t often find in other disciplines of the sport. A great fun filled day ideal for families wanting to get off road and stay healthy.

Here are some Youtube videos as an example of Cyclocross as a sport:

What do I need?

For adults, you will need a cyclocross bike. Well, actually that’s not true. If you don’t have a cyclocross bike but do have a mountain bike, hybrid bike or gravel bike that will be fine. Kids can just about ride any type of bike for their shorter race, from balance bikes up to mountain bike and pretty much anything in between!

For clothing, it’s more comfortable to wear cycling clothing but if you don’t have any of that, then any shorts or T-shirt is just fine.

You’ll also need a cycling helmet and a license to race. A racing license is basically insurance for the riders and organizers. Cycling organizations, Cycling Australia and Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) offer many licensing options which are listed below. Without one, you will not be allowed to compete. Licenses also give you 24/7 Public liability and personal accident insurance, even when you are not racing. Read the details with each license category for more information


Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) offers a FREE 2 month membership. It is available to all ages that haven’t had an MTBA license in the last 2 years. If you use this method of license, just register online before race day through the link below. On race day we will need to proof of your MTBA license when signing on usually in the form of an email.


Another membership option is the MTBA 3 month license, which pretty much covers the whole duration of a cyclocross season. Approximate costs are from $55 for adults and around $38 for juniors between 13-18yrs old. Further information can be found below.

MTBA 12 MONTH FULL LICENSE – If you want to race all year, whether its Cyclocross or Mountain Biking then this is the way to go. Approximate costs are from $130 for adults, $93 for juniors between 13-18yrs old and $45 for kids between 3-12yrs old. Use the web page link above for more information.

CYCLING AUSTRALIA MEMBERSHIPS – Cycling Australia offer various types of racing licenses. See the links below for more information.