Rider Assistance Policy

“The main purpose of CCCC is to provide people of all ages and capabilities with enjoyable cycling within a competitive structure.
The Club actively encourages and supports members to participate in the sport, at the highest attainable levels, paying particular attention to the encouragement of young riders, and to the development of elite riders to representative levels.” – CCCC Mission Statement

This Policy aims to support the Club’s Mission Statement by offering financial assistance to riders.

Payment of Junior Race Fees
All juniors up to and including Under 19s are entitled to FREE race entries at all CCCC races.

State or National Championships
Riders participating in State or National championship events can apply for the following subsidies:
State Championships – 100% of entry fees up to a maximum of $200 per rider
National Championships – 100% of entry fees PLUS $200 expense reimbursement
Representative Team Selection Subsidy –
The following additional subsidies will be paid to riders selected in a representative team:
State Team $250
National Team $500
CCCC Team – 100% of team entry fee when competing as a CCCC team at State and National events. Team Time Trial (Road); Team Pursuit (Track); Team Sprint (Track); Madison (Track).

State Opens
The committee will consider proposals for funding participation in State Opens.
Proposals must be received at least one month prior to the close of entries for that event.
Proposals that encourage maximum CCCC member participation, are inclusive of all riding members and/or offer support to NSW regional cycling clubs will be viewed positively.
As a guide, this funding will not exceed $1000 in total per event, nor will it exceed $100 per rider.

The funding guidelines are not exclusive. Hardship, coaching workshops, training camps, etc. will all be considered upon written application to the committee.

General Conditions
Riders who receive a subsidy are expected to observe the following while representing the club:
Wear CCCC, NSW or Australian representative cycling kit during the event.
Riders and their support persons are expected to:
Display good sportsmanship
Exhibit a high standard of behaviour at all times (in and out of competition)
Show respect to coaching staff and race officials.
Upon written application to the Club, subsidies will be paid after the event, provided all of the associated conditions are met.

* The policy will be subject to change based on available club funds, at which time all members will be notified. Any new policy will have an effective date within 1 month from the meeting date.

Release Date: 21 August, 2019
Review Date: August, 2020