Welcome to Central Coast Cycling Club.  Whether you’re a competitive or recreational cyclist, riding masters or looking to get your kids involved in juniors we hope you’ll join us.

How to Join Central Coast Cycling Club

Cycling club membership is overseen by Cycling Australia.  To join CCCC you’ll need to head to the AusCycling website to complete the online form and make payment.  The payment covers both your insurance and a small amount which goes to CCCC.

Once you’ve joined we’ll get notified, and you’ll receive an email receipt.

Before you join, you need to be clear on which type of membership you need. There are 3 main categories:

  • Racing Licence –  For racing cyclists (categories by age from Juniors to Masters and everything in between).
  • Ride Licence – For recreational cyclists (Adult, Junior & Seniors).
  • Non-Riding – For coaches, officials and administrators working in cycling.

If you want to race, you’ll need a Racing licence, and if you want to ride socially and train you’ll need a Ride licence.

Depending on your age and discipline requirements, racing licences range from $150 – $250

Cycling Australia Membership steps
If you have decided which licence type suits you best, join online by following this link to the AusCycling Memberships.

1. Choose NSW for your State,
2. Choose “Central Coast CC” as your Club,
3. Choose the licence type you have decided on,
4. then follow the prompts to directly input your details into the database.
5. You will be prompted at the end to supply your credit card details for payment of fees.

What happens next?
You will receive an email from the AusCycling website thanking you for your payment and advising you of your licence number & type.

This email is your temporary licence until your licence card arrives in the mail (usually within four weeks). Please carry this email or a digital downloadable licence with you to all races as proof of race lience membership.

Remember “No licence, No Race”