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2019 memberships

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Happy New Year everyone! Some good news on the membership changes promised last year, announced by CA in an email last night.

1. Your race membership will expire on the anniversary date of purchase instead of the end of the calendar year. So if you purchase your race membership on 14 February 2019 it will expire on 13 February 2019 and not 31 December 2019 as has previously been the case.

2. As the vast majority of members renew their membership each year we have introduced automatic renewal. Just prior to membership expiry you will be notified of the upcoming automatic renewal and if you are happy for your membership to renew you don’t need to do anything. Alternatively, if you do not wish to renew your membership at this time, you will simply need to follow the prompts to opt out, noting you have up to 6 weeks post renewal to opt out.

3. We have added a monthly payment option! This spreads the cost over 12 monthly payments, these memberships are fixed term and you still have the obligation to pay all 12 months. Members should note that the total cost of 12 monthly payments are slightly higher than paying in advance for the full year given the higher transaction and administration costs.

4. There is a new Race Starter Kit product for people to try racing - this is a simple/fixed lowcost product at $50, only for people that haven’t raced before. It provides for two months unlimited racing in club hosted races. This product replaces the 3-month, 3 Race membership/license product.

First club race in 2 weeks so bring proof of membership in hard form licences or email confirmations or NO race.