Club Kit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a discount be applied to orders?  Champ-Sys will be giving us 7% off standard pricing.
  2. How long can I wear previous designs of club kit?
    For the previous design (orange jersey no sponsors) start of Crit season Oct 2017. All older designs can no longer be worn for racing.
  1. So why do I have to wear approved Club kit? This is a CNSW regulation. Also, We have a responsibility to our new sponsors
  1. What about racers from another Club? All racers will need to wear CNSW approved kit from the club they represent.
  2. What about Sponsored riders? There is a limited number of CNSW APPROVED SPONSORSHIP kits which are cleared for racing. The rider must be sponsored by that group/club to race in the kit.
  3. Where do I order the new kit? The club will periodically open a Champ-sys order. Keep an eye on Facebook.