2023/2024 Criterium Season Information

2023/2024 Criterium Season Schedule


The purpose of this page is to provide information about the 2023/2024 Central Coast Cycling Club Criterium season.

The Central Coast Cycling Club is offering a season pass to all participants for the 2023/2024 Summer Criterium season. You will still need to enter each race once you have purchased the season pass. All of the details are on the EntryBoss page – https://entryboss.cc/races/17969

The Central Coast Cycling Club Criterium Season Pass cost is $100.

We want to encourage criterium season participants to sign on in advance to ensure adequate time to configure the electronic timing and we have enough people to help cover helper shifts.

The season includes some new features and events intended to increase participation and make Central Coast Cycling activities at the Ourimbah campus more enjoyable, inclusive and safer for all.

This year the club has increased sponsorship and prize money and will look to hold different events, such as handicaps, a time trial, a women’s only race and the Central Coast Criterium Championships.

The club will also introduce Electronic Timing for some events.

The proposed new season will be split into 3 event categories per month and a minimum of 1 day per month to be left free to allow rescheduling of races due to weather or other factors. 

Ride Ourimbah

Ride Ourimbah is not a race but an opportunity for anyone with a current AusCycling membership to ride the Ourimbah course.  The goals is to – 

•Allow riders of all abilities to become familiar with the course,

•Enjoy a Sunday ride with friends on a circuit closed to vehicles,

•Build bike handling skills, such as becoming more comfortable with riding in a bunch and

•Increase confidence if they choose to race regardless of the grade.

Anyone attending will have access to the Central Coast Cycling Club Development Officer and his Skill Development Sessions.

Ride Ourimbah- Skills Development

Ride Ourimbah Skills Development is 4-week program is designed to provide riders with the opportunity to learn improve skills required for not only racing but everyday riding in a safe car free environment. This may be in on your own or in a group. These sessions will involve working through an evolving set of skills with qualified coaches to make you feel more confident when out riding. The sessions will be 1.5 – 2hrs in length and involve doing skill development and then putting them into practice around the UON Ourimbah Campus on closed roads.  The skills will include cornering, riding in a group, point out an obstacle, taking a drink and other relevant skills.  Come and join us for a great way to learn new skills and meet other riders.

Ride Ourimbah- Skills Development10/09/2023Riding a straight line, looking over your shoulder, avoiding obstacles.
Ride Ourimbah- Skills Development17/09/2023Riding next to other, taking a drink, taking a bump, Cornering, one handed riding
Ride Ourimbah- Skills Development22/10/2023High speed cornering, Group riding, Climbing techniques,
Ride Ourimbah- Skills Development12/11/2023Sprinting techniques, riding the line, Swapping turns.
Skills Development Schedule