Rules for Racing at Calga

These are the race rules and general requirements of conduct, so please read and/or listen. It is your responsibility to know all of the rules to be able to race here at Calga.

KEEP LEFT at ALL times, especially up Blood Hill, during the sprint, and after the race during warm-down. There is NO riding in the right hand lane where it is two lane road, you will be disqualified for doing so.

Obey all road rules and directions from traffic controllers or emergency vehicles at all times.

The Peats Ridge end turn will be able to stop traffic, but the Calga end turn marshal can NOT stop traffic, you need to move in to and out of the turning bay as a group and with extreme caution, giving way to any vehicles in doing so. Vehicles can be unpredictable and are going much faster than you, so communicate through the group early, often and clearly at both turns.

Do NOT go outside the traffic cones at the Calga end u-turn or you will be disqualified.

Do NOT take both hands off the handlebars at any time during the race. This means NO victory salutes.

No “frooming” (pedalling seated on top tube), or resting of forearms on the tops of the bars.

Claim your position at the end of the race if it’s a close call. See the commissaire after ALL races have finished, not directly after yours is over, as the commissaire may still be on finish line duty for other grades and should not be disturbed.

Do not get mixed up in the sprint if you have been lapped or have pulled out of the race and are warming down on the course.

If you pull out of the race early, let the commissaire know so you can be marked off as DNF.  This is so we know that you are not missing somewhere out on the course with a flat tyre or have had an accident.

Ride ONLY in the direction of traffic, even when in the breakdown lanes.

Do NOT litter the course or the parking area, there is a rubbish bin at the sign on desk or take it home with you and dispose of it properly.

Stay in the breakdown lane if you have finished your race and are warming down. Also, do not turn across the median strip, directly in front of a finishing group. The commissaire needs to be able to see who is racing and who isn’t, so stay well out of the way of racers finishing, and do not sit on the back of any other group that is actually still racing.

Please move off the shoulder of the road after the race, it is not the safest place to be with cars going by at 100km/h.  There is plenty of room in the car park where the presentations are held.

Return your number to the sign on desk, placed back in piles of same grade/colour please.

Please DO NOT lean your bicycle against the sign on desk, it is in the way of everyone else and the table is not on solid ground so your bicycle will most likely be knocked or fall over.

All competitors are reminded that road cycle racing can be considered a dangerous sport, and whilst all reasonable care is taken by the race organizers and officials when organizing this event, all participating cyclists have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care by adhering to the road rules and any other conditions imposed by Police and or officials ensuring a safe race environment for all concerned.

Thanks for coming and enjoy the race!

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