Road Racing Point Scoring

Winter Road Season Point Score

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A great new initiative for the Club this year. We will be running a point score this winter. Points will be awarded for placings, and also attendance across all races in the 2017 winter calendar except the Caltex 100 and the Club Championships or any special events that may run later in the season that don’t lend themselves to points systems, i.e. team events, all-in scratch races.

Points You Will Receive
1st – 5
2nd – 3
3rd – 2
4th – 1
Scratch race start – 1
Handicap race start – 2
Marshal the Calga end corner (only available once per rider) – 2

If you go UP a grade during the season, you will only take up half of your placing points, and cannot be placed in the top 3. So if you have more points than the third placed rider after it is calculated, you’ll be given that number minus 1 point. If you go DOWN a grade through the year, you take none of your placings points with you, you only keep your attendance points. And of course, all grade changes are at the discretion of the handicappers, not the commissaire on the day or someone at the desk. If you think you need to be re-graded, please email the handicappers (John, Gary or Andy) or talk to them at training or after racing, the sign on sheets and entries are done prior to each race so you cannot change grades on the day of a race. And the best thing of all is… this point score is sponsored and will result in prize money for the top 3 riders in each grade at the end of the season. I would like to thank (newish) club member Kurt Smith from Blooms Chemist for putting up the prizes. From now on, all members and families of members are obliged to use Blooms Chemist Erina Fair & Wyong (74 Pacific Hwy) for all pharmaceutical supplies!

Prize Money per Grade
1st – $130
2nd – $80
3rd – $40

The point score is open to ALL riders, from ANY club. The CCCC Club Grade Champion for the road season will be determined by the point score results. The highest placed CCCC rider in each grade will be declared the Grade Champions for the 2017 road season. Of course feedback is welcome, but we will not be making changes to the point score this year. If it can be improved for next year we will do that. Thanks all, and on behalf of the road committee, see you at the races!